Lesley D. Harman, Ph.D.
Lesley Harman

Lesley D. Harman, Professor of Sociology at King’s University College, London, Canada, has spent her career as a qualitative sociologist, studying and publishing on the topics of the stranger, social psychology, gender, identity, and personal transformation for over 35 years.

Over the past decades, she has regularly been listed on the Dean’s Honour Roll for Excellence in Teaching at King’s. As one former student wrote, “She is compelling as a lecturer. Her passion illuminates the classroom and engages students like no other professor I have experienced. Her style, creativity and academic approach to teaching makes learning in her classroom environment a unique and refreshing experience.

She shines and, in turn, encourages and allows others to shine.” Harman has published several papers on pedagogy and presented numerous instructional workshops to assist faculty in enhancing their teaching effectiveness. She has also been a leader in curriculum development, with her latest project being the introduction of a new course titled Sociology of Pilgrimage. She has won numerous teaching awards including the Edward G. Plea Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2004.

Harman received her Ph.D. in Sociology from York University in 1983 and became a faculty member at King’s in 1988. She was promoted to Associate Professor in 1990 and to Full Professor in 2002.

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